I can’t even remember when I first put up suerepko.com. During the late 1990s, I think, when I was writing that nanny novel that never sold. I’ve always been one to conceive of a full-scale marketing plan before I even have a book to sell. Business cards used to figure heavily in these schemes, but now WordPress allows me to indulge my more sophisticated website design & development fantasies. (I took the photo in the header and put the text on it all by myself!) I do know that I snatched up that URL back in the day and, sure enough, a few other Sue Repkos have cropped up on the interwebs in the interim. Who dreamed there could be even one more??

It’s taken me months of infrequent work to move the information from my longstanding website to this WordPress site. I hope I don’t have to do this again anytime soon. I have some writing to do.