I am so grateful to The Keeping Room for publishing my essay, “Pandemic Thoughts, Racing.” I’ve been so immersed in finishing my memoir that I have not had an essay published in a while. Feels good to have this out in the world — something unrelated to my memoir. This piece also gave me a chance to work out some of my anxiety around the uncertainties inherent in our COVID-19/coronavirus world right now.

Image: Photo of bottle of sanitizer and face mask on wooden table.

Editor Rebecca Beardsall was great to work with!

For my writer friends who want to know more about this publication,The Keeping Room is an online magazine for all women writers, poets, and artists.//We are looking to publish your short stories, essays, free writing, poetry, and photo essays that touch on topics related to Women’s Wisdom, Lessons Learned, Self-care, Bodies, Relationships, and Community.//Writers selected for publication will be paid $25 via PayPal.”