I recently had a recording of a reading go live as part of the Local Writers Read series. The series features writers from Maine, and was sponsored by LA Art Walk, which takes place monthly during warm weather months in Lewiston/Auburn, cities in Maine. Due to the pandemic, the readings are virtual. It was a lot of fun reading next to Paulla Estes. Thank you to Claire Guyton and Josh Gauthier for running the series and inviting me to read!

Bright purple ceramic rabbit with creepy vacant eyes and a bright red nose, peeking through doorway with rafters above.

The genre spotlight this month was the personal essay, and my piece is called, “What I Thought I Could Love.” It’s a flash essay about going to some yard sales with my mom and one of my sisters in our hometown a few years ago. There’s some humor in here, along with melancholy and — okay — a bit of malevolence.

Excerpt: “The next table has Easter stuff, and that’s where the purple rabbit immediately hops into view. It is so garish. There’s something disturbing about it, like it could be Chucky in that scary movie, if Chucky were a rabbit. And it’s only $3.”