I’m thrilled to report that a new essay of mine, “Gun-Sitting,” is up at Hippocampus Magazine, a really wonderful nonfiction journal based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and featuring writing from around the world. I offer my heartfelt thanks to founder and publisher, Donna Talarico, for getting this story out into the world. It is the first published piece related to my memoir-in-progress about a shooting accident from my childhood. I’ve been working on this story for years, and while it’s a huge relief to finally be sharing it with readers, it’s also more than a little scary to be revealing the particulars of a traumatic experience and its aftereffects, which have trailed me and others around for the better part of our lives. I hope you find this story worth reading and discussing.

I do want to note that the names of the students and the victim have been changed here to protect their privacy.