I’m belatedly reporting here that my essay, “To Suckle on Fear,” appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of The MacGuffin, a great journal out of Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. This piece is what is known as a hermit crab essay – an essay that takes the form of some other type of (usually) recognizable document. This one is in the form of a police report because it involves my getting brought home in a police car as a 7-year-old for some relatively minor matter. At the heart of the story, though, and this is what the essay explores, were my assumptions about race, and I apparently had many, as a little kid living in a fearful, toxic culture.

I’m grateful to the folks at The MacGuffin: Editor Steven A. Dolgin and especially Managing Editor Gordon Krupsky for shepherding this through to publication. Thank you!

The piece is not online, but I am trying to find an online home for it. If all else fails, I’ll post it here.