Editorial Services

Nonfiction and Hybrid Storytelling: Your Story, The Way You Want To Tell It

I have immersed myself in nonfiction writing, reading, and editing for much of the past fifteen years. There are few experiences more exhilarating than joining another human being’s journey on the page as their authentic voice tugs me into their world and then propels me through their time and place and growing awareness. I am also a published writer in fiction and poetry and appreciate the ways that these genres can heighten, complicate, and illuminate the human experience. This is why I offer editorial services to writers working in hybrid forms, but with nonfiction–the telling of true stories–at the heart of the endeavor: memoir excerpts that can stand alone, literary essays, short personal essays, graduate school essays, lyric essays, collage, hermit crabs, op-eds, flash, and forms that do not have a name.

I am here to help you find, clarify, and tell the story you want to tell, the way you want to tell it. Because I myself have written about various forms of trauma and worked with many students over the years who have also written about their own trauma, I approach editorial work through a trauma-informed lens. I will treat you and your story with compassion and respect. That said, I am not a psychotherapist. I am an editorial consultant, offering feedback on a piece of personal writing that may feel very much like an extension of yourself, but must, ultimately, stand on its own as a piece of literary, artistic, or journalistic work out in the world. In that sense it is outside of you, and I hope we can talk about it as a living, breathing thing of its own that you are in charge of creating.

At this time, I am working on short-form pieces up to 6,000 words and offering coaching support. Please see below for editorial and coaching services and pricing, and use the contact link at the top of page to get in touch. Let’s get your story out into the world!


Developmental Editing

Have you written a draft—or two or three—but are still unsure what the piece is about exactly, or why it feels flat or muddled or just not there yet. A developmental edit may be what you need. I’ll read your work, provide one page of written feedback, which we can discuss in more detail in a 30-minute Zoom or phone call. I will note specific parts of the text that are working/not working; ask questions about what has been said/left unsaid; talk about structure/form; and suggest ways to zero in on what seems to be the heart of what the narrator is wrestling with, or crack it wide open because maybe the narrator is really concerned with something only mentioned in passing. I will not be doing a line edit. Think of this as an idea edit—a part of the process where you can gain clarity for yourself and then go back in for another round of inspired, more focused writing.

     Rates for a single work:

     Up to 1,000 words + 30-minute Zoom/phone call: $100

     1,001-3,500 words + 30-minute Zoom/phone call: $150

     3,501-6,000 + 30-minute Zoom/phone call: $200


 Line Editing

You’ve reached the point where you are confident in your ideas, the way your narrator’s thinking unfolds throughout the piece, and the form or vessel you have created to hold your story. You’ve incorporated strong scenes, metaphor, sensory details, and active verbs, but grammar and syntax have never been your strong suit. I’ve got you covered! With a line edit, I will make suggestions that will sharpen your prose so that your ideas and experiences sing ever more truly—in the voice that you have already cultivated on the page for this particular piece.

     Rate: $75/hour.  



Do you have a desire to be published, but don’t know how to make it happen? Are you having trouble prioritizing your writing life in the midst of other obligations? Do you need a kind, but firm, coach to keep you on track with your book-length first draft or revision and cheer you on? How might temporary accountability to another person help you form new habits that support your writing aspirations?

I can be the support person you need to make your writing life look the way you want it to look so that you can produce your best work. I want your words, your story, your authentic self to do and be whatever they need to be. This process is for you and about you.

Examples of some of the ways we can collaborate:

  • create a range of possible adjustments that will get you in your writing chair on a regular basis
  • send work to me according to a schedule*
  • work on submission strategies
  • find supportive literary communities, residencies, and conferences
  • help research MFA programs and put together applications

In general, we will talk, plan, and set goals/touchpoints that hold you accountable to yourself and to the creative work/life you want for yourself. This customized plan will look different for each person.

Coaching Rates:

     Initial minimum 4-week commitment: $400, which includes weekly 30-minute Zoom/phone call check-in, in addition to any other touchpoints we establish.

     After the initial 4 weeks, our collaboration may continue at $100/week for as long as you want it. It must, however, be continuous, without stops and starts, which goes against the overall goal of accountability.

     If our steady collaboration ends (on a good note!), but you find you need coaching/accountability with a specific project at some point in the future, please hit me up! If you do not need 4 or more weeks of support, we can work out a shortened time frame then.  

*Note: I will not be editing this work. See one of the above options for a developmental edit or a line edit of your work.


Online Workshops

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